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Q: What am I doing here!?!? What is this horrible place?

A: this is townofsilence, an AU Silent Hill Roleplaying Game that encompases the Games, the brand new movie, and the comics in a stunning tour de force of writing.

Q: ....What is a Roleplaying Game?

A: Don't shoot the idiot, Don't shoot the idiot...
Roleplaying is when a group of individuals get together to play pretend act out a campaign or create their own scenarios. Sometimes it's based in a popular universe and other times it's based in a completely original world. For a more in-depth explination-please see Wikipedia's Definition of Roleplay

Q: ...What's Silent Hill?

A:Don't shoot the idiot, don't shoot the idiot-
Silent hill is a popular videogame created by "Konami" in the tradition of such games as "Resident Evil" and "Fatal Frame". It's garnered a massive worldwide following. For More Detailed information, check out Wikipedia's Article About Silent Hill

Q: ...What's this particular Game about? How do you cross Every Silent Hill Creation?

A: We sold our souls to Samael. (Well no, technically I did that when I made my icon community 50horroricons. The Game's plot is described in more detail here Essentially, the God has returned and has brought several people from several different versions of Silent Hill into-well-think of it as the "Final" Boss Level. boss level?

A: I'm taking creative liberties. It's the only way an AU game could work.

Q:While I dislike it, Your story has me intrigued and I've decided to explore Further. What do I do now?

A: I'm Glad you asked that. Jump on over to-

Q: Ahh! What am I doing here?

A: You were directed here by the magic of Livejournal. Fear my mastery.

Q: ...okay then. So. I wanna apply. What do I do?

A: You Head on over to The Application Page and Follow the Rules. Wasn't that easy?

Q:....Waahhh! The character that I want was Taken!.

A: So pick your second choice. You actually have a few options. if the character from the game that you wanted has been apped-then pick a Real-Person PB and app them from the Movie-verse. Or, you can apply for an OC. (We love people who apply for OCs. They're like delicious candy).

Q:...The Game and the Movie are the Same. How the heck can they co-exist?

A:First of all, all MAIN CHARACTERS WITH MOVIE COUNTERPARTS (WITH ACTUAL LINES) are brought in post film. Harry's taken yet another wrong turn with baby Cheryl and they're BAM! back where they started. Meanwhile, the movie plot (Christopher/Rose, Sha-RON) is just beginning.

If you want to app a "Movieverse veresion" of a game character that's totally fine. Lisa Garland from Game and Lisa Garland from movie can interact. There'll be insanity, but it'll be fun insanity.


A: Sure. Fine. fill out a character application for movieverse/Gameverse and stipulate "Monster" and "Pyramid head". Although good luck coming up with a backstory.

And yes. That does mean we'll have two of Pyramidhead running 'round.


A:...and it's delicious. Silent Hill isn't supposed to Make sense.
Look. go to The Story and all will become...reasonably clear.

Q: Okay. So...Tell me about the Town. Details man, give me DETAILS!

A: Well then we'll leap on over to-

Q: ...will there be monsters in the town?

A: we're going by the explination that the town exists on three different levels. There's "The Town" a former mining town that's being rebuilt despite the toxic radiation coming from the mine under the town, then there's the "Fog world" which is essentially Silent Hill shrouded in Fog and Mystery-then there's the "otherworld." AKA-the Domain of Alessa.

Q: ...You didn't answer my question.

A: I heard you, I'm getting there. There will be an almalgam of monsters from all four games in addition to a few new ones. For more information about Silent Hill's Monsters, please see Here.

Q: ...what about weapons and ammo?

A: The town-layout is the same as it is in the game. Chances are-where you'll find ammo in the game you'll find it in the town-not to mention "Dimension Dropping"


A: Silent Hill exists on three different levels. It's totally possible (just for the sheer crack) for someone in "Normal World" to have something end up in fog world (YES. IT'S WHERE ALL YOUR DIRTY SOCKS END UP. AND YOUR CAR KEYS.)

Q: ....That's a neat idea.

A: Isn't it though?

Q: -Okay then. How do people get to Silent Hill.

A: Certain characters (primarily Game/Movie/Comic) are gonna be drawn into the town naturally-it's canon. Some (Christopher, Officer Gucci, etc.) Will be left in Normal world-although they'll be making their way to Silent Hill in the End.

Q: ...What about the other towns? can I be from Brahms or Ashfield?

A: Sure. Specify it in your character info-however the game centers around Silent Hill, so your character's gonna spend alot of time there reguardless.

Q: ...Does this have a purpose?

A: -Once upon a time there was an RP sin__city. It was a damn good game and I was right proud of it. Anyway-it lasted four months. (I -"think") My goal is to make this one last a year. Help me do it?
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