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Rules Stuff!

Hay guys, friendly neighbourhood mod Furikku here! This is just a reminderthingy on rules and other issues.

Biggest point ever: If a problem crops up between you and another player, for the love of Dahlia, let one of us know! I'm reachable at SeraFurikku on AIM; caligo is at caligo87. We're here to make sure that a good time is had by all, and so we really want to make sure everyone's getting along all hunky-dory. For serious, let us know what's up!

Secondary point: We've got rules, and I figure they could use some going-over/specification, just to make sure we're all on the same page...

1) Obey thy mods
Pretty straightforward. We promise not to abuse our power, except possibly to occasionally order someone to do a headstand or something.

2) Wankers shall be cast into the lake of fire, along with trolls and sues.
Dramuh is bad, mmkay? Don't harrass the other players (rule of thumb: if they say stop, and you keep going, that's harrassment). If you can't play nice with someone, just avoid them. Canon has numerous examples of characters never interacting, so it's not like it's that difficult. As for Sues... well, they just don't get to play.

3) Follow the application process.
As specified here, it's pretty simple:
a) Make character journal
b) Post app in the comments of the app thread
c) Join your character journal to this comm and the RP comm. This is important- we get a heads-up about a new journal joining, which lets us know someone's got an app up. You don't try to join the comms, we don't find your app until someone randomly checks the thread.

4) Grammar
We don't expect you to be perfect, we just expect to be able to tell with minimal thought what you're saying.

5) No Godmoding
a) You control your characters and your characters only. You cannot say what anyone else's character is doing unless you have that player's permission.
b) Your character can only do whatever skills are listed in the app (with the exception of stuff that it's assumed everyone but the human briquettes can do, and anything you forgot to mention that gets shown in canon). Lindie can't suddenly discover a latent ability to shoot fireballs, Claudia can't suddenly break out the ability to play a perfect piano concerto.
c) In fights, your character WILL take hits. This is Silent Hill, it happens. Keep that in mind. The monsters are strong and tough, and will keep going until the life is beaten out of them. There are no one-hit kills, and you can't dodge every single attack. Even Pyramid Head gets knocked back by shotgun blasts. It's all about the struggle to survive, baby.
d) Try to keep a semi-coherent continuity in mind- if your character has just entered the town in one thread, she can't "remember" an event from a later thread. If she's in Brookhaven, she can't respond to something happening in the Amusement Park at the same time. Don't bend the space-time continuum. The town's already abusing it badly enough.

6) Bring your dispute before the mods. (We do ask that you try to solve it yourself first.)
Simple stuff. Problems will always crop up. Try to work them out on your own. If that's impossible for whatever reason, grab one of us and we'll try to get things straightened out for you.

7) 16 and up only, exceptions for the mentally mature.
Yeah, that's pretty much it.

8) Have fun! It's just a game!
Remember this! If at any point it starts being less than fun, take a breather and figure out what's wrong. It should never be so important to you that it's affecting the rest of your life.

That's it, kiddies! Play nice now!
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