mark_of_samael (mark_of_samael) wrote in silence_ooc,


OK, kids, the sign-in is now closed, and we've gotten Colin to clean out everyone who is no longer in the game.

The new cast list is up and running now. Please go check it out and make sure I didn't muck up your character info somehow. (While you're at it, kindly check the members' list for the IC comm and make sure I have all your characters still on there.)

Also, there's a new character in the game! Everyone say hi to Carrie Reed, just_a_legend, and make sure to friend her with all your IC journals!

Finally, expect some merry mayhem to start up in a bit in the game. For now, keep posting and keep replying to each other!

I think that's it. Any questions/comments/death threats/tickybox?
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