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Original Character app "IX"

Name: PWK
Age: 22
Personal Eljay: pseudowolfkill
Contact Information: MSN - goathy@hotmail.com

Note: Some of the language in this application is commonly referred to as Black metal language. In order not to confuse anyone here's a list of words and their meaning. I'm adding this, because IX will use these words...alot.

True (tr00) - A person or idea who follows the principles of the MLO or non-christianity.

Black Cosmos - Paradise

Astral Frost - See "Black Cosmos"

Fire Born - According to the MLO they make up 1% of the population and are the children of the black cosmos

Clayborn - Make up 99% of the population. Worship the God that forced the fireborn into their shells of flesh.

Corpse paint - white base with black markings. Suppose to give the appearance of the plague, and or being dead.

Name: IX (pronounced "nine". This well be explained soon enough)
Age: 23
Profession: He is the lead guitarist of the once up and coming black metal band "Inverted Savior"
Appearance: IX a member of the black metal band "Inverted Savior" has the look of the majority of black metallers. He has long blonde hair, which he has dyed black. After all, black is much more true, than that happy piss ass blonde color. His skin is pale in tone. On one hand he accepts the fact that he's not paler, but will sometimes wear corpse paint to give himself a more death like appearance. He is 6'0 and has the physique of a man who when not asleep, or getting drunk has been thrashing around on a guitar all night, or vandilizing some holy monument. His eyes are a steely grey color and are always filled with an intense burning hatred.

His usual outfit consists of a black t-shirt with a logo that nobody but himself can read. Black jeans that are starting to fray everywhere, and obtain holes in them. He wears a bullet belt around his waist, a belt that is made entirely from empty bullet shells. Although it serves no purpose, it looks true. He also wears black steel toed boots. Heavy as hell, but they're great for stomping on heads. He also has four tattoos, which go as follows.

1. On his right shoulder is the inverted pentagram with the Goat of Mendes inside of it.

2. On his left shoulder is an inverted cross.

3. On his chest he has a rank goat (think Baphomet) and a woman having intercourse.

4. On his back is the image of a hooded figure in black, holding the cosmos.

Personality: IX is the nicest guy that anyone has ever met. That is if your definition of nice is someone who curses violently, gets overtly drunk, and vandilizes religious artifacts. IX is very very cold, and it could be because he follows a form of Satanism known as the "Misanthrope Luciferian Order." He believes that he is one of the "fireborn" a soul that will eventually return to the black cosmos. Because the fireborn make up only 1% of the population he is automatically prejudice of other people. These other people are known as the "clayborn" and IX hates them; only for the simple fact that they supposedly worship the God that has trapped the fireborn in the shells.

Likes: The only thing that IX loves is playing is guitar, a thing he has been doing since age 6. He only started getting good at it when he was 16, and he is influenced by the playing of Lemmy (motorhead), Euronymous (Mayhem), Isahn (Emperor) Chuck Schnilder (Death) and others. He also enjoys a good snuff film or two, and the general torment of the human race. Oddly enough despite his hatred for humans, he loves animals and is a strict vegetarian (go figure.)

Dislikes: Humans, especially those who worship anysort of God. Any God, no matter what. Radical liberal, and animal abusers also piss him off.

Skills: He can play the guitar, and has the ability not to be grossed out by things.

History: "IX" was born on October 31st, 1982 to two parents who have been dead since 2001. IX's upbringing wasn't as strict as most. His parents weren't the religios type allowing IX to find his own path. For awhile he researched all those "Gods worshipping religions" but discovered it wasn't right for him. When he was 18 he met up with 3 friends, and they decided to form a band. At first the guys had no idea what they were doing, and this caused there to music to sound unprofessional. IX discovered the concept of the MLO and ever since then has followed it's path. One night IX awakes in Brookehaven hospital. The only recollection he has is getting into a dispute with a fellow band member, and then taking off in his vehicle, but soon crashing somewhere. He has no memory of who he is, or why he's in the hospital. The only thing marking his identity is a CD booklet which contains his images and the words IX - Lead Guitarist on it.

Before this happened, IX was the lead guitarist of the black metal band "Insane Savior". The band was becoming as well to do as a band of that type could be. Problems soon arose within the group. IX started to detest the lead singer's open mindedness towards religion, and couldn't stand the fact the drummer had "Blind faith". Besides that, IX has no idea why he's locked in a room in Brookehaven hospital.

Starting Item: When IX awakens inside of the cell he has only one, but a strange item on him. An mp3 player that only works on certain intervals, and chooses which songs IX will hear.

Other notes: During the RP IX will sometimes speak in lyrics. This will occur more and more as his memories come back to him. The mp3 player serves as a guide to help IX remember certain things, and even then it doesn't always work.

The character is called IX because that was his stage name. According to his beliefs it is the true divine number of "evil"
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