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The Story

Silent Hill is all knowing. It exists everywhere there are people, everywhere there is Sin and Hate.

The land wants for people.

So it draws them back. It takes it's old friends first. Mr. Harry Mason, driving along with his daughter Cheryl in tow. They've only just left the town behind, but who's to say that it's not a roundabout path- James Sutherland recieves a letter from his wife (dead three years this July) asking him to join her in their vacation paradise-

And it attracts new blood too. Desperate to save her sick daughter, Rose Da Silva seeks refuge in the town of Silent Hill with her daughter Sharon in tow while husband Christopher follows close behind. Henry Townshend wakes up one morning to discover he's trapped in his apartment save for a large hole in the wall.

And not just them. The town brings others. There are sins to be revealed, vengence to be wrought on those who thought themselves guiltless-

And standing above it all is The Order, under it's watchful eye-the town goes about it's business despite the growing tension in locale Ashfield and Brahms about the disappearances, the "Fire" underground and the police barricades blocking off the town.

Something's gone wrong though. The New Blood appears eerily similar to the old. Can the survivors of two different worlds ban together to survive the nightmare?

Do you have what it takes?

Welcome to Silent Hill.

Silent hill overstepped it's bounds. It grabbed the Gameverse characters and the movieverse characters and threw them together. There are Two versions of everyone walking around. And while the dark powers that control this place negate any bad effects (Time Travel-etc) from occurring-the fact remains that the town has a big problem.

And this problem creates more problems. Time problems. Heather Morris shows up 17 years in the future to defeat the daemon-lines are being drawn across the town between the cultists (the good and the bad) and the ordinary citizens along for the ride.

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